Website News

Having seen some renewed interest in this website recently, and with a volunteer having offered to resume the posting of HOA Minutes, we’re reactivating this site. For now that means minor editing of the Home Page and adding another way to access the Comments Page that’s always open to all owners and residents.

We invite any and all interested owners & residents to add Comments, offer feedback, make requests for things you’d like to see done or changed on the site, and most of all: Volunteer if you’d like to help.

As always, all owners & residents are invited to learn the simple process of adding Posts. Your words and/or photos can help bring this site fully back to life and enrich our community.

Date Change HOA meeting 10/9

President of HOA Bob Mann: Due to the closure and fumigation of the clubhouse from Tuesday thru Thursday we have changed the monthly meeting this month to Monday October 9th at 7:00 PM in the clubhouse.
Thank you. Your Homeowners association.

Fire Update 7/11 5pm

The helicopter activity across Cathedral Oaks is in support of an effort to suppress a flare up of the Whittier Fire across the ridge. There’s no present danger to SVMHP, and there will be updates on SBitZ.NET for details and subsequent updates. You can also use the other links there for news.

Emergency Info

As we all look for the latest information about the nearby Whittier and Alamo fires, we want to let you know about a new website created by your SVMHA website creator. One of the best local sources has often been the site, but as you may know it is sometimes unavailable when demand is high. For this reason, the site was created. Later tonight and during the day, information from many sources will be posted there with links for further details. A good summary of general info is the local Google News you can find linked in the right column of most pages here.