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Bob Mann sent this via email. -Ed

Sorry, I spoke about the letters at Thursday’s meeting that the board sent to management and forgot to post them. Here they are. First about the pool condition and second about the office and communication issues.

Thanks San Vicente HOA

This email mentions the pool, so I’m including it too. -Ed
To: Rosa Paredes, Mary Manzo, Isabel Valenzuela
Date: February, 8 2018

Concerns and observations

The recent pool area deck repair and painting left a very mediocre result.  The first rain washed the paint off the silicone repairs leaving a visible road map of the damaged surfaces.  This is probably why the decking was previously carpeted to hide the scars.  The previous carpeting was in place for an estimated 20 years.  Unfortunately, the cap-stone tiles around the edge of the pool were not regrouted to seal off the open cracks just above the water line in the pool.  It could have been easily repaired when the water was out of the pool. Also the pool tiles were supposed to be cleaned while the pool was empty. At this time only 2 umbrellas remain.  One is damaged at this time.  The umbrellas only last 1 or 2 seasons.

Thank you for your attention to these issues
San Vicente Homeowners Association Board of Directors

Below are links to the two PDF files sent with Bob’s email. Click to download. -Ed

First letter to Mary

Letter to Mary

11/9/2017 Board Minutes

Here are the minutes from the Nov. 9th meeting. I will be sending an email to management regarding all items in the Residents suggestions section in the minutes.
Thanks for supporting your HOA.
Bob Mann

San Vicente Homeowners Board Meeting Minutes

Monthly Meeting

November 9, 2017



Meeting called to order at 7:00

Officer Present: Bob Mann

Board Members Present: Lilith Imbrogno, Don Webb, Ellen Duke, Mark Allen, Tony Jimenez, George Misbeek

Board Members Absent: Max Lynn, Carolyn Howe, Cheryl Mrachek

It is with heavy hearts that we have lost our Vice-President and former Treasurer Paul Ortega. He will be greatly missed by all.

The minutes from the October 12th meeting: motion to approve was made by Tony, Ellen 2nd, and approved by all.

Guests: Twenty-six guests attended.

Treasurer’s Report:

Checking Balance $4931.07

Income $315.00

Expenses $1587.21

Balance as of October 31, 2017 $3658.86

Legal Defense Money Market $20935.29

Interest $2.75

Money Market as of Oct. 31, 2017 $20938.04

Social Committee Report: Mollie Mann   December 9 will be our Christmas Dinner. Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, veggies, rolls, honey butter and dessert. $10.00 Residents $12.00 Guests plus 2 canned goods/nonperishable to be collected and donated. Cut off is Dec.3. This event is quickly filled up so get your check in soon.

GSMOL Report from Ellen Duke:


Homeowners Association

GSMOL Chapter 1316 Report

San Vicente Mobile Home Park

The following update was provided by Rosa Paredes, President and Chief Executive Officer of St. Vincents/Vincent Ministries:

1.      In regards to whether or not San Vicente Mobile Home Park will allow subleasing, we are not ready to discuss this topic at this time since we are still discussing and reviewing it internally with our advisors and attorneys. 

2.       We are also continuing to update the Rental Agreement and Rules & Regulations.  We are anticipating that the draft will be available for the sub-committee’s review early next year.  As you know, we do not want to rush this process and are diligently reviewing these documents to ensure they are in compliance with the law.

3.       The updated Rental Agreement and Rules and Regulations will be distributed as they were last time in accordance with the Mobilehome Residency Law and a Meet and Confer will be scheduled after the sub-committee reviews the documents. 

4.       Assuming the meet and confer is scheduled in February/March 2018, means the new documents will be in effect approximately in August/September 2018 of next year.

5.     Also, please remind the Residents that they can email or contact the onsite manager directly for any concerns or comments.  She will communicate items as appropriate to Mary Manzo or myself.

6.     We have interviews scheduled for the office clerk this week.  Hoping to fill the position ASAP.

Note from Ellen Duke, GSMOL Chapter President, HOA Board Member: Due to last-minute scheduling problems, Rosa was not able to meet with me. We will reschedule before the next meeting. Meanwhile, you can send any questions or concerns about this update or issues not addressed by management to me at ebduke@yahoo.com.

It is great to see the improved maintenance on the clubhouse and repair of the pool deck. At the meeting, concerns were expressed about over-chlorination of the jacuzzi due to the need for a new part, and the effect of the reduction in maintenance staff and increased time needed for them to complete new paperwork. There were complaints about how the grounds are being maintained and the cut back in refuse service. Homeowners were advised to submit their specific concerns to management, and they can copy Ellen and/or advise her if concerned about the response.

Business: With the absence of the Disaster Preparedness Group, should the HOA try to continue this program? We have merged the funds from the DPG with the HOA. Steve Roth was in attendance and was thanked for his years of service to the DPG. Anyone that is interested please contact an HOA board member.

Resident’s Suggestions: Questions on what is taking so long to fix the pool deck. We passed on that management is also doing some work in the shower area, which might add some time to the finished product.

Residents voiced concerns that maintenance issues are being overlooked. Trees needing to be trimmed, bushes hiding stop signs, etc… General consensus is the maintenance crew is understaffed.

The Jacuzzi needs some repair. The chlorine level is so high that it hurts your eyes when you are in the water.

Garbage pickup question. Only 1 or 2 bags of clippings. 2 different residents were informed only 1 bag a week of yard clippings would be picked up?? Needs to be reviewed by St. Vincent’s.

Security cameras were brought up again. Will pass on to the management.

Board Elections: 6 positions need to be filled. Max will not be running and with the death of Paul we will need 2 new people to fill their positions. Please contact Board if interested in joining. Bob, Cheryl, Don and Ellen are again running for the board. Last day to sign up is November 10th.

Old Business: Gym equipment from Clubhouse is stored at St. Vincent’s. If you want your old equipment you can pick it up. Hopefully new equipment will be coming.

Speeding still a problem please ask all to slow down. Continuing complaints.

Thank you for supporting your HOA

Next HOA meeting will be December 14th, 2017 at 7:00

Motion to adjourn made by Don, Lilith 2nd

Meeting adjourned at 7:55 PM



HOA meeting 11/9

From HOA President Bob Mann 9am 11/8:
Good morning,
The HOA will be conducting its monthly meeting at 7:00 in the Clubhouse on Thursday November 9th. Hope to see you there.
San Vicente HOA

IMPORTANT Election info

This email was sent at 9am 10/28 by Bob Mann, SVMHP HOA President. -Ed

San Vicente Homeowners Association

Election for board members

We have six openings on the board. Please sign up if you wish to serve. The commitment will be from January 2018 thru December 2021. This commits you to attend monthly meetings and serve on occasional committees. Names will be placed on a ballot and members will vote in November and December. The six top vote getters will be installed at the January 11, 2018 meeting.

Board members that are running again are, Bob Mann, Cheryl Mrachek, Don Webb and Ellen Duke.

Please submit your name, space number and return to the box in the clubhouse by November 10th.

7/10/2017 HOA Cancelled

Thursdays board meeting has been cancelled

We have cancelled Thursday’s board meeting.As we all know, there is nothing new to report.New Management has not sent out anything new for residents. A few exceptions are, the workout room is now closed till further notice. The explanation received is they need to inventory all equipment. The cracks around the pool deck have been marked by tape or orange paint to obviously point out the trip hazards.

Thank you for supporting your HOA

Bob Mann

SVMHP HOA Tomorrow

Ed note: The following came via email from Bob Mann, HOA President.

Just a reminder, your HOA will be conducting it’s monthly meeting tomorrow, July 13th, 7:00 at the clubhouse.
Thanks for your participation