7/12/2018 Board Minutes

San Vicente Homeowners Board Meeting Minutes
Monthly Meeting
July 12, 2018

Meeting called to order at 7:00

Officers Present: Bob Mann, Cheryl Mrachek, Carolyn Howe

Board Members Present: Lilith Imbrogno, George Misbeek, Cindy Enderby, Dick Mires, Don Webb, Ellen Duke

Board Members Absent: Mark Allen, Tony Jimenez

The minutes from the June 14th meeting: motion to approve was made by Dick and seconded by George, approved.

Guests: 39 guests were in attendance.

Treasurer’s Report:

Checking Balance $3959.14

Income $0

Expenses $2.50

Balance as of May 31, 2018 $3956.64

Legal Defense Money Market $20956.29

Interest $2.50

Money Market as of May 31, 2018 $20958.79

HOA will return the DPG funds approx. $1400.00

Carolyn to research to deposit money market funds into a ten month CD at 2% interest.


Social Committee Report: Mollie Mann: The Sept. 21st BBQ is closed. There is a waiting list. Tri Tip by Stanley. August, no event. September is a mystery dinner by Stanley.

2018 Document Review Committee Update by Ellen Duke:

On June 29th, the committee submitted their recommendations and concerns to St. Vincent’s. There were about 30 items.

On July 16th, St. Vincent’s will meet with the committee to respond to the report.

St. Vincent’s has indicated that they will be issuing a new document package in early August.  St. Vincent’s will be holding a “Meet and Confer” meeting with residents after the new documents are issued, as they did last year.

A response is being prepared to St. Vincent’s announcement that they will not permit subletting even though it does not affect their nonprofit status. This contradicts what was promised at last year’s Meet and Confer meeting and will negatively impact residents. Residents are encouraged to contact Rama Fox or Ellen Duke regarding the importance of this issue or to share experience with subletting.

The GSMOL attorney continues to advise all residents that they are not required to sign any of the new documents and the attorney advises us not to sign any of the new documents. He reports that the last rental agreement that we signed is the one that is in effect, unless we sign a new rental agreement. New residents will have to sign the new rental agreement to move into the park. The new rules and regulations, architectural standards will go into effect from 2 months to 6 months after issued unless they are withdrawn.

GSMOL Update by Ellen Duke:

Thursday, July 26th is the next GSMOL meeting. Everyone is encouraged to attend. This will be after St. Vincent’s response to the committee’s report. There will be a discussion of the anticipated documents and options for response.

Information was received that indicated that not everything on the inspection sheets being distributed had to be done immediately. This is being researched further.

Ellen noted the importance of everyone joining HOA and GSMOL, or at least one of those organizations.

Water Aerobics

There was a spirited discussion about the conflict between the Thursday 10:30 – 11:30 Water Aerobics class and the posted Guest Hours of 10am – noon daily. After the meeting, Ellen Duke followed up with management (Isabel) and was told that in the future, swimmers will be allowed to swim in the pool while the class is going on. Ellen confirmed this with water aerobics class participants.

DPG Report: Bob Enderby is working on ideas to help residents evacuate in case of emergency. Suggest using Cathedral Oaks gate to avoid congestion on Old Mill with Rancho and Apartment residents. The other gate at the end of Round Tree would also be open and an option. Block Captains need to know which residents would need help evacuating.

Business: Our new park directory has some issues. Management said they noticed four errors. But a resident did a survey and has discovered more than 21 errors. The information that was gathered by residents going door to door was not utilized. Preferences of residents about phone numbers, names, etc. needs to be fixed.

To add to the problems that are occurring at the pool. During guest hours, some residents who are swimming laps are instructing the guests to stay out of the lap area. Guests that happen to be small children need to swim side to side and must cross the lap lane. Solution: Residents should swim when guests are not allowed.

Residents would like to have the GYM equipment back sooner than later. Also wondering why tennis courts are getting an update first. One resident has asked management four to five times about the equipment and has not received an answer. We would like a time line, not the standard answer, “we are looking into it”. Opinion is that, why the gym equipment was completely removed, where no one could use equipment, but money was invested in the tennis facility which was in need of repair, but still useable.

One trade off we used to enjoy, was the reciprocal agreement with Rancho, where we could use the golf course and they could use our tennis facility. Is this agreement still in effect?

The “peeping-tom” issue was handled poorly. The incident was reported to the office on June 5th and the only notification to residents appeared in the “Park Update” dated June 27th. Unacceptable.

Fencing between the apartments on Old Mill and the RV parking area is only two feet high. No security as anyone could enter our park anytime.

Rancho Santa Barbara is in the process of trenching and deepening the channel of Atascadero creek. With the forecasters now predicting an El Nino this winter, the question we have: is San Vicente going to deepen the channel thru our park this summer and fall before the rains come.

A resident voiced concerns about not having maps readily available for anyone, guests or vendors coming to our park for business. If there is no map, how can individuals know which way to proceed? Another suggestion was to replace the small signs throughout our park are faded and hard to read that point to which space numbers are where. Suggestion: Put the big map back up at the Old Mill entrance?

Property inspections: Forms are confusing. No prioritization on what needs to be done immediately or can wait. Many do not understand the last page.

Concerns about how slowly things are being done. Simple questions still take weeks to answer. Frustration

Charlene Hovey has contacted Shred-to-You to come to the park on August 8th at 11:00 for any document shredding that you wish to do. A typical “bankers box” around 25 pounds will cost $5.00. To be paid by the individual with their documents. Details will be in the Voice next month.

The email list of HOA members is being updated. Those who have not paid their dues for 2018 will be removed from the list.

Speeding still a problem……………..SLOW DOWN

Thank you for supporting your HOA

Next HOA meeting will be August 9th, 2018 at 7:00 pm

Motion to adjourn by Don, seconded by all

Meeting adjourned at 8:15 PM


Rosa’s email address is: rparedes@sv-sb.org

Mary’s email address is: mmanzo@sv-sb.org

Isabel’s email address is: ivalenzuela@svmhp.org




6/27 County DPG Presentation

Our DPG leader Bob Enderby has passed this invitation along:

SVMHP residents are invited to attend the DPG meeting next door at Rancho Santa Barbara on June 27th.

From: D J McLaren
Our RSB DPTeam Steering Committee would like to invite San Vicente Residents to our Disaster Preparedness Team’s (Wednesday) 27 June 2018 6pm presentation at RSB.

Topic: Emergency Evacuation Planning — and Q&A with Jan Koegle and Stacey Rosenberg, Emergency Services for the County of Santa Barbara.
We can set-up the RSB gate entry procedure as before.
This is just a heads-up re 27 June.

Dorothy RSB DPTeam

DPG Pancake Breakfast

The April 2018 DPG Pancake Breakfast was a great success with food, fun and funding. The only photo I have is this – most of the volunteer crew that put it all together, so if you have more photos or information please share.

DPG Breakfast Volunteers
DPG Breakfast Volunteers

Thanks to all for a great time in service of our community.

4/11/2018 Board Minutes

San Vicente Homeowners Board Meeting Minutes

Monthly Meeting

April 11, 2018


email: svmha.340oldmill@yahoo.com

Meeting called to order at 7:00

Officers Present: Bob Mann, Mark Allen

Board Members Present: Lilith Imbrogno, George Misbeek, Cindy Enderby, Dick Mires, Don Webb, Ellen Duke

Board Members Absent: Cheryl Mrachek, Carolyn Howe, Tony Jimenez

The minutes from the March 8th meeting: motion to approve was made by Dick Mires and 2nd by Mark Allen

Guests: 18 guests were in attendance.

Treasurer’s Report:

Checking Balance $5118.86

Income $0

Expenses $1702.50

Balance as of March 31, 2018 $3416.36

Legal Defense Money Market $20945.96

Interest $2.58

Money Market as of Mar.31, 2018 $20948.54

Expenses for March: Bank charge of $2.50 and Check to Brown and Brown insurance for $1700.00


Social Committee Report: Mollie Mann: next event will be Champagne Brunch, April 21st 5 spots are still open. This will be catered by Stanley and Martha of course. Cost is $10.00 per resident and $12 for guests. Details will be in the Voice.

Ellen reported that St. Vincent’s management is not ready with the new rules package documents. Also sent pictures of Park to management for repair work. She requested an open ended up to $2000.00 for Bruce Stanton, attorney, for review of the documents after SVHOA and GSMOL committees have reviewed them. Motion was 2nd by Cindy and it passed. Ellen also informed the meeting that after the documents are received, Rosa will then call a meeting of the Park residents regarding the water issue.

DPG Report: Bob Enderby is holding a Fund raiser for DPG with a pancake breakfast on Saturday, April 14th from 10-1:00 pm. Cost is $7.00 and there are 65 people signed up. There will be a discussion on Earthquake safety. Next meeting will be June.

Business: Motion was made by Bob Mann to include the Art Committee on the alcohol insurance policy and 2nd by Don Webb, passed.

New Business: The HOA will reimburse John Wiley $18.00 for SVMHP website domain name. This is annual, motion made by Dick Mires second by Lilith, passed. Spring cleaning dumpsters are here. No contractor’s waste to be permitted as last year someone filled one of the dumpsters costing Mgmt. unnecessary expense. Please call office immediately if this is observed.

Questions put forth from homeowners to HOA:

Management Inspection of Units and Sites: Notice put in our tubes states that they will do 30 units a month so doing the math that will be

9 months, an extraordinary amount of time. Previous mgmt. did this task in 5-7 days, why is the process going to take so long? Since there are many unacceptable, not up to standard units now that should be written up in a timely manner will they be continued to be allowed if it is not their particular month to be inspected? (it is evident from a walk around the Park that many are sliding thru the cracks as shabby outward appearance continues month after month) HCD has a check list of what needs to be inspected and in good order, i.e.: handrails, stairs etc.

A good suggestion was made by a resident, since our crew every month has to read the meters and as such can clearly see poor upkeep could they make a note of the space number and give to mgmt. to look into further? Another resident noted that last year some residents were notified to get their sagging siding fixed and others that were unable or unwilling to clean up the weeds had our crew do it for them and then were billed for it.

The Redo of the cracks around the Pool: Appears only one side of the pool was done.

Dead/Dying Bushes: There are dead and dying rose bushes under the San Vicente signage at the back gate. Might they be replaced with living rose bushes?

Rosa’s, Mary’s and Isabel’s email addresses are available from the office.

Speeding still a problem……………..SLOW DOWN

Thank you for supporting your HOA

Next HOA meeting will be May 10th, 2018 at 7:00 pm

Motion to adjourn made by Tony, Lilith 2nd

Meeting adjourned at 8:10 PM

Drainage Above SVMHP

This afternoon we flew past SV and snapped pix of the drainage area above San Vicente. Here’s a wide shot.

Our main drainage is the small creek running up the center slightly toward the right. The main drainage from the mountains runs to the left behind the top of that first low hill of the San Marcos Foothills open space. In a major flood that’s where the vast majority of runoff would go. Even if SM Foothills was burnt bare, any debris flow would be relatively minor here at SV.

You can also see the smaller channel that drains to Cathedral Oaks from the left side of the pic. Also potential for flow down 154 that would collect below the overpass. All that water drains through the culvert that feeds the channel through our open space. In a major flood that would overflow and/or get plugged by debris so the water would then spread out and head downhill, probably mostly along roads as it spread out beneath the overpass.

A closer look shows how our main creek leads down to the Foothill/154 underpass.

There, in event of an overflow at the inlet to our culvert, the electrical substation might be impacted. That whole area would flood, and eventually some might enter SV and/or begin to flow to the left on Cathedral Oaks and/or right on Foothill. This seems to match the small SV flood risk areas on the map published here related to the 2015 El Nino prep meeting (click to view). Some of our streets might flow with water and Rancho next door might be more impacted in such an event.

For frequently updated info on the current major rain event and flooding potential sign up for SBitZ.NET and Edhat, and watch KEYT on channels 3.1 and 3.2 or online.