IMPORTANT Election info

This email was sent at 9am 10/28 by Bob Mann, SVMHP HOA President. -Ed

San Vicente Homeowners Association

Election for board members

We have six openings on the board. Please sign up if you wish to serve. The commitment will be from January 2018 thru December 2021. This commits you to attend monthly meetings and serve on occasional committees. Names will be placed on a ballot and members will vote in November and December. The six top vote getters will be installed at the January 11, 2018 meeting.

Board members that are running again are, Bob Mann, Cheryl Mrachek, Don Webb and Ellen Duke.

Please submit your name, space number and return to the box in the clubhouse by November 10th.

10/9/2017 Board Minutes

San Vicente Homeowners Board Meeting Minutes

Monthly Meeting

October 9, 2017


Officers Present: Bob Mann, Carolyn Howe, Cheryl Mrachek

Board Members Present: Lilith Imbrogno, Don Webb, Ellen Duke

Board Members Absent: Mark Allen, Max Lynn, Paul Ortega, Tony Jimenez, George Misbeek

Guests- Forty-eight guests attended.

Treasurer’s Report

Checking Balance $4333.57

Income $900.00

Expenses $302.50

Balance as of Sept. 30, 2017 $4931.07

Legal Defense Money Market $20932.80

Interest $2.49

Money Market as of Sept. 30, 2017 $20935.29

Social Committee – Mollie Mann – October 21st is the Tri tip Dinner catered by Stanley and Martha. Residents $10 and Guests $12. Due to the Clubhouse being tented the cutoff date for the dinner is being moved forward to Oct. 16th. Next event will be a Rib Dinner in November.

Social Committee may have to buy insurance for the Committee to continue to serve Beer and Wine. More to come,

GSMOL UPDATE FOR HOA MEETING OCTOBER 9TH 2017 by Ellen Duke, President of GSMOL Chapter 1316

Governor Brown will decide whether to sign AB 1269 this week. Thank you to everyone who wrote letters. Thank you for everyone who has volunteered to help during this challenging transition period.

Ellen has met twice with Rosa Paredes, Pres & CEO of St. Vincents/Vincent Ministries (VM), & Mary Manzo, Housing Director. Ellen believes they would like to work with us to complete the transition in a positive way for all of us. The current status is:

1) They are using the Parker Rice 2015 rules as a basis for the new documents – making changes as needed.

2) A small group of homeowners and our lawyer will be able to review and provide input on the new documents before they are finalized.

3) J&H is being replaced by a consultant to advise them on regulatory/legal issues but VM will manage the park themselves with a VM employee here.

4) They are looking into new gym equipment.

5) Subletting: We gave VM the nonprofit attorney’s opinion that VM can permit subletting and they are awaiting their lawyer’s evaluation and response.

6) The San Vicente office email address still refers to J&H but goes only to office in the clubhouse. A new email address is coming.

7) Tenting this week, pool repair next week. Door added for greater security in office.

8) Goleta Water fire backup is to be done in December. Then focus will shift to repair/replace of parts of the water system. Serious leaks have been found and been addressed pending the larger repair next year.

9) The billing system problems are being addressed by their vendor. Electricity – They were surprised that the format changed and that change will be reversed. The vendor as provided last month’s details will provide them in the future. Last month’s details can be picked up in the office and will also be provided with November’s bill.

Timing – Bills will be issued earlier in the future.

Ellen encouraged us to stay united as we await the new documents (for homeowner committee review). Again, as our lawyer has advised, as existing residents we do not have to sign new documents and should not sign them until they have been carefully reviewed, if ever. Ellen encouraged everyone to be encouraging and understanding of the learning curve of the new office staff and owners. Our goal is a good and mutually beneficial relationship.

Some concerns were shared by homeowners and they were encouraged to email both the San Vicente office and Ellen Duke. [*Ed Note-For Ellen you may use the form I have added at the bottom of this Post]

Resident’s Suggestions Security cameras. 2 people need to be working in the office, too much for a staff of one. Emails and phone calls are not being responded to. Concern that maintenance staff is down to 4.

Ellen suggested a resident committee to look into cost and maintenance of security cameras and signs that will flash your speed as persons drive down Stagecoach and Gatehouse (the freeway) This sign should be able to be moved about the Park. Discussion by many of consequences such as escalating fines to speeders!

Board Elections 6 positions need to be filled. Max and Paul will not be running again so will need 2 new people to fill their positions. Please contact Board if interested in joining it.

220 paid membership in our HOA This is great to show we stand together to get results that are beneficial to all residents. There are between 80-90

members in GSMOL.

Our new management should be referred to St. Vincent’s or Vincent Ministries.

Old Business Gym equipment from Clubhouse is stored at St. Vincent’s’ If you want your old equipment you can pick it up. Hopefully new equipment will be coming.

Speeding still a problem please ask all to slow down. Continuing complaints.

Garbage pick up questions. Only 1 or 2 bags of clippings. 2 different residents were informed only 1 bag a week of yard clippings would be picked up?? Needs to be reviewed by St. Vincent’s.

Next HOA meeting will be November 9th, 2017 at 7:00

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM

*Ellen Duke Contact Form:

Date Change HOA meeting 10/9

President of HOA Bob Mann: Due to the closure and fumigation of the clubhouse from Tuesday thru Thursday we have changed the monthly meeting this month to Monday October 9th at 7:00 PM in the clubhouse.
Thank you. Your Homeowners association.

Pole Land

San Vicente became “Pole Land” today as a tall crane lifted new power poles into place, and residents came out to “supervise.” We’d been notified that power would be off all day, but the crews seemed able to work while keeping it (mostly) on.

Crane & Crew
Crane & Crew