Flood Channel

Here are some aerial views taken 2/18 after the heavy rain, of the flood channels that run through SVMHP down into Arroyo Burro Creek. First is a look at the inlet  (bottom of pic, just right of center) to the box culvert that runs under Foothill at Hwy.154. Note that the top of the pic is toward the Southeast, unlike the gMaps image at the bottom of this post.

5603 Inlet to Box Culvert
5603 Inlet to Box Culvert

Next an overview, with the inlet at the bottom near the left corner and the new Sansum clinic at the top-left.

5605 Inlet Bottom-Right
5605 Inlet Bottom-Left

Below is a look at the wide grass channel it opens into (bottom-left), that runs across SVMHP into Rancho SB golf course.

5607 Channel & Bridges
5607 Channel & Bridges

There’s another storm water inlet (right of center, beneath trees & shrubs), to a culvert pipe that runs under Cathedral Oaks from the Northeast intersection with Via Chaparral across from the SVMHP back gate. It comes out on the corner of SVMHP near the bend of Stage Coach into Indian Wells, and joins with our larger channel on the Rancho golf course.

5609 Rancho SB Culvert Inlet
5609 Rancho SB Culvert Inlet

When we feared flooding last year, the County cleaned debris from both of these two inlets at our request, so they wouldn’t flood across Foothill / Cathedral Oaks thus limiting our access and emergency exit routes. Lastly, here’s a look more toward the East, at the Rancho SB golf course where these two storm channels join.

5620 Rancho SB Drainage
5620 Rancho SB Drainage

The footbridge near the top-left is where our channel enters Rancho, with SVMHP homes on Gatehouse across the top. Here’s a link to a satellite view on gMaps: https://goo.gl/maps/QeJxhmeCVo32

Below is a gMaps screen capture of this area (North at the top) from drought times back when Sansum was being built, with a pin about where our box culvert inlet is, next to the electrical substation.

SVMHP Storm Channel
SVMHP Storm Channel

2/9/2017 Board Minutes

San Vicente Homeowners Board Meeting Minutes

Monthly meeting

February 9th, 2017


email: svmha.340oldmill@yahoo.com

Officers Present: Bob Mann, Ronnie Sumter, Ellen Duke, Cheryl Mrachek

Board Members Present: Mark Allen, Tony Jimenez, Lilith Imbrogno, Don Webb, George Misbeek

Board Members Absent: Paul Ortega, Carolyn Howe

Guests: Mary Jo Christensen, Pat and Max Lynn, Mary Helen Nunez, George and Joanne Meers, Mollie Mann, Claudia White, Tom Kincaid, Gary and Teri Champ, Angela Stephens, Carol and Steve Roth, Ruth Shook and Andi Henrikson.

Bob Mann, president, called the meeting to order at 7:01 p.m. The January 12th Board Association Minutes were read and approved.

Treasurer’s Report: End of the Year Financial Statements are available to any HOA member. If you would like one, request either a hard copy or a digital copy. Ellen Duke reported that membership for 2017 has reached 135 which is wonderful!!! The checking account balance was $3,674.34. HOA Dues Income was $345.00. Expenses were $0 with bank fees of $2.50, and the current balance is $ 4,016.84. In addition, legal defense fund balance is $ 20,911.81 with $2.75 interest, totaling $20,914.58.

DPG Report: Steve Roth said next radio check will be February 20th for Block Captains. Contact Steve to become a Block Captain that will help out residents in the case of a true disaster. All information is on the San Vicente Website. [Link]

Social Committee Report: Mollie Mann reported that the next Social Committee Event will be for Valentine’s Day however the date is February 12th NOT the 14th. It will be delicious pie and ice cream and cost will be $3.00. ( Already closed ) Next event is St. Patrick’s Day on March 18th. It will be catered by Stanley (!) and will be Irish Stew, Green Salad, Corn Bread with Honey Butter. Cost of dinner is $12 for Residents and $14 for guests. In April there will a Champagne Saturday Brunch ALL information is in the San Vicente Voice.

GSMOL/Scamper Report: Ellen Duke encouraged all to join as they represent mobile home owners in Sacramento. Scamper meets monthly and share information among different mobile home parks about “pass through” etc. Mark Allen states that membership in our HOA will make a difference when we get to July 1 management transition to the Daughters of Charity. Information is on their website www.gsmol.org and encourages all to join.

Old Business:

Speeding: Speeding is still an issue. It was brought up that some of the speeders are actually residents who live here. Please remind caretakers, gardeners, relatives and visitors to our park to slow down.

New Exercise Equipment: Update is the Board will hold off until the lease is taken over in July by the new management. (No change on this position.)

Announcements/New Business/Guest Questions

It was reported that Daughters of Charity and Parker/Rice are in litigation. Results of this could affect residents financially. Pass Throughs are a problem to us. Water storage, pipes and our streets are a great concern. Committee to advise the Board was designated and will consist of Max Lynn, Ellen Duke, Derek Handly, Don Webb, Cheryl Mrachek and Mark Allen.

Thank you from the Board for all who have paid their 2017 membership dues of $15.00. Your HOA Board encourages residents to join as soon as possible. Checks can be put in the HOA box at the Clubhouse.

The next Board meeting is Thursday, March 9th, 2017 at 7 P.M. in the Clubhouse.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 pm.