A few points from 3-12-14 meeting

Audiences at each of the 3 meetings today were concerned that we would lose Rent Control for varied reasons.  Rob Rice stated that Rent Control exists on ALL mobile home parks in SB County, and that would continue unless rent control in general in the county was eliminated.   We have Senior Park status, needing someone over 55, but that is unrelated to rent control.   A couple of people said they were getting tax assessments by the city, but Rob Rice said they needed to check that because we are in the County, and they should not be getting assessments from the city.

The rule that management intends to put forward at this point is that each unit would hold up to two 2 people 55 years or older  + possibility of 1 caregiver, who must be 18 or over.

Rental possibilities are still in question.  Some people want to travel for a year or two and rent their unit out.  Some people are against rentals, Rob Rice said, concerned renters might be messy while he also said some renters are neat.  Questions came up in all meetings about whether heirs can have rental rights.  Since it seemed such a big issue the question was asked how many rentals there are now.  The answer is 18 rentals (out of 272 units).

Political signs are legal by law within 90 days prior to elections, and must be removed within 15 days after.

The Homeowners Assn will create and distribute a survey in the next few weeks, asking homeowners for their feedback on specific issues.  Decisions will be made incorporating this input, so it is important for all homeowners to give opinions via the surveys.

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